Who we are?

SIGMA GP aims to influence the way transportation and infrastructure projects are managed and structured in the region, so that public and private customers will find a timely, specialized, high-quality and realistic response for the execution of their projects.


SIGMA GP aims to apply its own methodology for comprehensive management of consultancy projects, with the best consultants and professionals in the market, who will deliver the best results for the identification, planning, structuring and implementation of their projects


Partner – Executive Director

Degree in Civil Engineering with graduate studies in Project Appraisal at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. She has more than 20 years´ experience in the design, appraisal and implementation of infrastructure projects, especially in urban development and transportation projects. She was part of the team of that structured the Bogotá´s BRT system (TransMilenio) and participated in the structuring of the city´s Metro Project. She was Deputy Director of Studies and Project Designs of the City Urban Development Department (IDU). She is currently project manager and partner of SIGMA GP and has been directing and coordinating the multidisciplinary teams of the wide range of SIGMA´s transport and infrastructure projects.


Partner – Strategic Director

Degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, with extensive experience in directing and consulting on projects in mobility, traffic, transport, infrastructure, urban impact, and public and private financing in a number cities in the Americas, Africa and Europe. He was the first General Manager of TRANSMILENIO S.A. where he was responsible for the institutional
processes of procurement and implementation processes and then, the first three years of operation of the System. As partner-director of SIGMA GP, he has participated in projects to design regulatory frameworks to incorporate mass transportation systems into traditional transportation and in the regulatory framework for the reform of long-distance and transportation for
metropolitan areas, in addition to the different technical, legal and financial structures designed by the company.

Margarita Carriazo
Administrative Director

Degree in Business Administration from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano (Bogotá) with more tan 27 years´ experience in administration and finance in the public and private sectors. She is currently the Director of Administration in Sigma GP and led the Company´s success in achieving ISO 9001-2015 Quality Certification

Yesica Atencio
Director, New Projects

Degree in Financial Engineering from Universidad Piloto de Colombia, (Bogotá). Masters in Business Administration from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. She is responsible for identifying and achieving the new business.

Luisa Rozo
Senior Consultant, Environmental and Infrastructure

Degree in Environmental Engineer from Universidad de la Salle, Bogotá, and Master in Management of Renewable Natural Resources and Environment from the Universidad de los Andes, Venezuela. At Sigma GP, she worked in coordination and consultancy in the environmental area of the various Company projects.

María Paula Gonzalez
Consultant, Mobility

Degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. At Sigma GP, she works in the coordination and execution of transport and mobility projects, in the areas of infrastructure and the formulation of public policy.

María Camila Bautista
Consultant, Transport

Degree in Civil Engineering, Graduate studies in Roads and Transportation at Universidad Nacional de Colombia with experience in transportation and urban planning issues. This includes the coordination, structuring and formulation of mobility projects, traffic audits, the restructuring of transport routes, and participation in the design of land use plans.

Juan Camilo Posada
Consultant, Transport

Degree in Civil Engineering, Graduate Studies in Roads and Transportation at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá) and candidate for M.Sc. in Transport at Universidad de los Andes with experience in the appraisal of technical aspects and the construction and operation of transport and infrastructure projects and in the formulation of public policy in relation to land-use planning and mobility.

Camilo Cendales
Jr. Consultant

Diana Soto
Jr. Consultant

Nicolas Gutiérrez
Jr. Consultant

Alvaro Andres Gomez
Jr. Consultant

Javier Yomayusa
Administrative Professional

Mario Alfaro
Infrastructure Consultant

Pilly Villalba
Administrative assistant