What we do?

Management and Execution of Consultancy Projects.

Ciudad Río - Bogotá, Colombia, 2017
We either execute projects directly or manage interdisciplinary teams that carry out the structuring and planning of projects for public entities and private companies. This includes the following activities:
  • Evaluation, creation and structuring of institutional and corporate frameworks
  • Structuring of public, private, and PPP projects
  • Feasibility studies for transportation projects
  • Transportation and transit studies
  • Studies and designs for transportation infrastructure and urban platform
  • Structuring of business plans and funding alternatives
  • Economic, social, financial and environmental evaluation of infrastructure and transportation projects

Project Management and Implementation

We provide direct supervision and management of the coordination, execution, and implementation of projects. This includes the following activities:

  • Implementation of transport projects
  • Implementation of urban and rural projects for both public and private entities
  • Planning and implementation for Urban Operations
  • Supervision and project auditing for public and private transport infrastructure
  • Coordination of the various stakeholders of the projects
  • Budget execution and control, and schedule for project implementation
  • Development, implementation and follow-up of Execution and Performance Indicators
BRT Transmilenio Caracas Trunk - Bogotá, Colombia, 2010