Our Experience

The Sigma GP team has ample experience in the design and implementation of transportation and infrastructure projects in diverse institutional, financial, cultural, and social settings in several American, Asian, and African countries

Sigma GP has experience and technical and practical expertise in the development of urban transportation and infrastructure projects, including planning, design, contracting, and implementation, which allows it to provide the required technical and functional specifications for the future implementation of all types of public administration and transportation projects. Some of the projects carried out by Sigma GP are:

Transportation Systems Structuring

The company and the team of professionals and partners of SIGMA GP have participated in the technical, legal, institutional and financial structuring of multiple urban and national transport projects.

Financial Studies for Projects:

The Sigma GP team has developed financial models and evaluated existing models for the implementation of infrastructure and transportation projects through Public-Private Partnerships.


The Sigma GP team has the expertise to study and advise cities on the most suitable solutions for their urban and rural mobility problems, according to their geographical, financial, social, and institutional conditions

Project Management and Implementation:

The Sigma GP team has managed and implemented infrastructure and transportation operation projects in the public sector through Public-Private Partnerships.

Institutional Technical Assistance:

The Sigma GP team has advised many cities and countries worldwide in the structuring and execution of institutional plans and organizational models to ensure the success of projects in various fields of public management.

Information Systems:

The Sigma GP team has direct experience in designing, contracting and setting up control centers for transportation in Colombia, has structured and implemented Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Types of projects carried out