What we do

Sigma GP is a firm based in Bogotá (Colombia) focused on the strategic management of infrastructure and transportation projects, as well as on the technical and financial structuring of public and private projects. The company’s objective is to manage and execute consulting projects and to supervise the execution of projects, drawing on the management experience of its associates and personnel in the structuring and implementation of projects. SIGMA GP has two defined work areas: Management and Execution of Consultancy Projects and Project Management and Implementation in the areas of both public and private transportation and transit.  

High-profile Projects
Designing a proposal for an Integrated Regional Transportation System (SITR), in the Tunja-Duitama-Sogamoso’s sub-system and its influence Area. Designing for the implementation of the traffic lights system and its control centre for the City Of Monteria.

Audit of the updating and formulation of Phase II and III Studies and Designs for the extension of the TransMilenio (BRT System) to the municipality of Soacha.

The Consultancy carried out a general conceptual definition for the Integrated Regional Transportation System (SITR) which could be applicable to any region of the country, as well as a proposal for the SITR of the Tunja-Duitama-Sogamoso’s sub-system and its influence area, starting from the characterization and diagnosis of the mobility in the sub-system and the design and definition of inter-urban transport solutions assembled with local mobility strategies

The final designs (technical, operational, legal and financial) were developed for the implementation of the Traffic Lights Control System and its Control Centre for the city of Monteria. Initially the diagnosis of all traffic light intersections of the city was realized, the designs for the operation and the infrastructure of each intersection was elaborated, the budget was estimated and the documents for the bidding process. On the other hand, the physical design of the Control Centre was carried out for its later construction, which included the public transport fleet management center, an emergency care center and the police surveillance center. The electrical networks of the proposed system were also designed, including the electronic component and the design of the conduits.

Supervision activities consisted of monitoring, reviewing and approving the detailed design of the extension of the BRT System to Soacha, which consists of mixed and exclusive roadways with a length of 3.9 km and includes wide platforms with cyclo routes in both Sides and a linear park with an area of ​​11,900 m2 approx. The system in this section will have 4 simple stations, one intermediate station, one portal and patio with capacity for 493 buses between articulated buses, bi-articulated and feeder buses, which will serve more than 440,000 passengers during the day.